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The University of Indianapolis evened their season record to 5-5 with a win over Missouri S&T on Saturday. The Hounds shut down the Miners with a 16-6 win, not allowing a single touchdown.

In the first quarter, junior running back Tuwan Payton broke a school record for most kickoff return yards in a season with a 52-yard kickoff return.

The Hounds scored the only touchdown of the game in the second quarter, when redshirt freshman Bryce Stancombe passed to wide receiver Malik Higgins. Redshirt junior kicker Brad Schickel also contributed three field goals to seal the Hounds’ victory.

Redshirt sophomore running back Andrew Walker scored two touchdown in the match up against William Jewell College on Oct. 29. The game against the Cardinals was streamed live on ESPN3 and the ESPN app. Photo by Jennifer Ulery

Redshirt sophomore running back Andrew Walker scored two touchdown in the match up against William Jewell College on Oct. 29. The game against the Cardinals was streamed live on ESPN3 and the ESPN app. Photo by Jennifer Ulery

Senior linebacker Rob Dury totaled nine tackles on the day, while redshirt junior running back Andrew Walker led the team with 21 carries and 76 rushing yards.

Overall, UIndy allowed only two field goals from the Miners, despite their multiple attempts.

Prior to the game, Head Football Coach Bob Bartolomeo spoke about what the Hounds needed to prepare for, coming into the game against the Miners.

“They are a pressure team on defense. In other words, they blitz a lot, they play a lot of man coverage in your face,” he said.  “We[have] got to be able to block their fronts and their movements. In terms of our offensive line and the back combination and then our receivers have to be able to get off man coverage and that’s on offense.  Defensively, they play two quarterbacks, and they throw the ball as well as [they] can run it.  They [have] got a lot of offense, a lot of different formations and plays, so we’ve got our hands full on the defensive end.”

Previously, the team gained a win at home against the William Jewell College Cardinals on Oct. 29 in their first national broadcast in two years through ESPN3 and the ESPN app.

The first points of the night came after UIndy’s first three plays of the game, after Higgins caught a 30-yard touchdown pass from Stancombe.  The Greyhounds then finished the first quarter with a lead of 7-3 after an extra point from Schickel and a field goal from William Jewell.

The Cardinals started off the second quarter and were able to take the lead with 5:42 left on the clock following a second field goal and a touchdown making the score at 12-7. A few minutes later, UIndy was able to regain the lead after a 14-yard pass from Stancombe to redshirt junior wide receiver Garrett Willis and another kick from Schickel ending the first half 14-12.

The Greyhounds then continued the second half holding William Jewell at 12 and adding 20 points ending the game with a win for the Hounds 34-12.

Stancombe said the team coming together helped come up with the win.

“We played as a team,” he said.  “Our offense played the strength of our defense which has been playing really well.  Coach always preaches, don’t turn the ball over when we’re on offense and play our defense and that’s what we did.”

All the players were able to play their part and help the team come out with the win, according to Bartolomeo.

“We played a good second half offensively, [and I’m] real happy with the defense,” he said. “I thought we played pretty well throughout the game, and I thought offensively we really dominated the game in the second half. We have to learn to put four quarters together as a football team.  In terms of last week, the kicking game was pretty solid, we missed a cheap shot field goal that we can’t but other than that the kicking game was very solid.  They had a great returner number two, and we handled him.  From that standpoint we had a good day from special teams. Defensively, I thought we played pretty well, and offensively, we got it cranked up in the second half.”

According to Stancombe, the second win allows the winning streak to continue.

“It gives something to keep fighting for and gives a lot of guys some confidence going forward, which is always good,” he said.  “Hopefully, we can keep this win streak going.”

As the season comes to an end, the team still has more to give, according to Bartolomeo.

“I think we’re getting better. I think there is a lot of fight in this team,” he said. “I don’t think there’s been a game where we didn’t fight and didn’t come to play. And so from that standpoint, I think they could have cashed it in real early in the season, and they didn’t. That’s a sign and a testament to our seniors who are leading this team. And from that standpoint we’re real happy with that. Obviously we’re not real happy with the record, but in terms of the determination, the fight and the team, I think that’s been there and hopefully that continues these next 2 weeks.”

This Saturday, the Hounds will move into their final game of the regular season against St. Joseph’s college, where they will have the opportunity to have a winning record on the year. Bartolomeo says he is excited for this game, and hopes to the team can out a win for the fans and the seniors.

“We appreciate the support the students have given us,” he said.  “We’re going to need it now the last game when we play St. Joe’s.  That’ll be huge. It’s always fun to play in front of our student body. And the support that they’ve given us, we appreciate it, because we’ve had some of the biggest crowds all year.  From that standpoint we’re real happy with that. Again, we’re looking forward to finishing out the year and sending these seniors out with a winning record, and that’s the major emphasis these last two weeks.”

Next, the Hounds host Saint Joseph’s College on Nov. 12. The game will take place at 3 p.m. at Key Stadium.

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