Music department hosts a workshop for high school students

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The University of Indianapolis hosted a workshop to help high school students with their auditions for the Indiana Bandmasters Association All-State Band, according to UIndy 360. The workshop was held on Nov. 4 where, according to UIndy 360, high school students got to work with UIndy faculty to make their All-State Band audition a success. Director of Bands and Instrumental Activities Jon Noworyta said that this workshop gave the students the opportunity to work with collegiate-level musicians. 

“Our goal this year is to help more students have a stronger audition to be a part of that group… So half of our teachers are in the Indianapolis Symphony. This will give the opportunity to high school students to work with an internationally renowned musician and teacher to prepare for the IBA. All State auditions in January,” Noworyta said.  

Chair of Music Rebecca Sorley said this was a free service and that they had a great turnout for this being the first time. Noworyta said that this allows the high school students and faculty to make connections with UIndy faculty who are also professional musicians and encourages them to continue their study of music at UIndy.

“This gives the opportunity for the teacher as well as the student to get to know each other and possibly connect in such a way that the student will want to come here and study and be a music major,” Noworyta said.

Sorley said that these students go above and beyond what is expected and required of them. Their band directors have likely encouraged them to audition to the All-State Band, she said.

“Even the preparation for it, though, is a good experience for the students,” Sorley said. “So they’re going to get better at their instruments by working on this repertoire.”

According to the IBA website, this is an exciting opportunity for high school students. The audition requirements, according to the website, are to play the chromatic scale so the judges can hear the full range of the instrument and two etudes. 

Sorley said that etudes are technical exercises that allow the student to practice certain technical elements that may be hard in music pieces. The auditions are being held in January, according to Sorley, and the students will perform at Purdue University in March. 

“That’s what they’re preparing for. And it’s an honor for them to get to do that,” Sorley said.

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