Get to know UIndy staff: Kory Vitangeli

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Photo by Cassie Reverman

Photo by Cassie Reverman

One of the most recognizable names at the University of Indianapolis campus is that of Kory Vitangeli, Vice President for Student and Campus affairs and Dean of Students. Vitangeli said that her role on campus is to “be an advocate for the student,” and that most of her time is spent talking to parents, students, and others members of the campus community in search of ways to improve their on-campus experiences.

From welcoming new students to organizing camps and conferences, Vitangeli said that her office is just as busy over the summer as during the school year. Welcome Week planning fills a large portion of the Student Affairs schedule, in addition to ensuring that the campus is ready for incoming students in the fall.

“I like seeing students coming in as first-year students, getting them acclimated and watching them walk across the stage as seniors and knowing we’ve had a small part in the way the students’ lives have changed,”Vitangeli said.

As a student at Wilmington College in Ohio, Vitangeli studied business and communication before eventually earning a master’s degree from Western Illinois University and working on her doctorate at Northcentral University. During college, she was involved on campus as a resident assistant, hall director, sorority member, and frequent participant in student activities. Involvement on campus is something Vitangeli said she encourages this semester’s incoming freshmen to take seriously.

“You really get a chance to be someone different than you were in high school. So really be open to all the opportunities we have here,” Vitangeli said. “Our goal is really to help students succeed. So get involved in students’ organizations, attend campus events, join conversations – just really immerse yourself in the college experience.”

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