Beyoncé’s “Renaissance” Concert Review

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Ever since I was young, I have been a Beyoncé fan—My mom introduced my sister and me to the legendary Queen Bee at a young age. I remember sitting in my room with my little sister and watching the “B’Day Anthology” video album DVD on repeat trying to learn all of the dances together vividly. Her music has been a ginormous part of my life and a staple musician within my family, to say the least. I never imagined that I would be sitting in an arena waiting to see Beyoncè perform her ‘Renaissance’ album live. The entire scenario seemed almost unfathomable to me. 

Leading up to the concert, I had avoided as many videos online as I could that would reveal too much about the performance, so I had no idea what to expect once the date approached. I had my outfit planned and I could not wait to hear whatever songs she could possibly perform after guessing with my friends for months. Even before the concert started, just walking into the venue, I enjoyed seeing so many different groups of people come together in order to see her performance. It was definitely very refreshing to see so many people express their individuality through their clothes. I even spotted some younger fans decked out in chrome and western wear in order to dress according to the theme of the event. It was a night I will always remember. Everything about the performance was unforgettable. Beyoncé truly delivered during her Renaissance performance in Dallas. Although Queen Bee came out a little late, in every passing moment leading up to the show, you could feel the energy in the arena grow stronger—all it took was a fog machine going off to send the crowd into an uproar.  

The entire night was beyond electric—the lights, visuals, music, dancers and of course, Bèyonce herself delivered a performance that truly transcended anything I could have ever imagined. She came out on stage wearing an elegant, stunning dress and started the show off by doing an homage to some of her early career works. The first note was all it took to send me to tears as her voice was even more powerful in person than in recordings. The way she flowed from songs on the album while intermixing some older songs kept me on the edge of my seat because there was no telling what would happen next. The amazing vocals paired with the visuals on stage and on screen created something magical. Everything about the show was on point, down to the costumes which really showed how much time, thought and effort went into the show.

Act I of “Beyoncès Renaissance” may be drawing to a close but I can not wait to see what else she has in store for the remaining two acts. Overall, seeing Queen Bee perform in person was an incredible experience and, if you are a fan, I fully recommend seeing her in person if ever presented with the opportunity.

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