AC/DC: “Power Up” Review

Nov. 14 started out as a great day for the fans of rock legends AC/DC. After six years of not releasing any music after the death of the founding member Malcolm Young, I know fans are losing their minds after learning that the new album came out. Their 17th studio album, “Power Up” was said to be recorded over a six-week period according to Rolling Stone. It was actually supposed to be released sooner, but due to COVID-19 taking a toll on everything throughout the world, it was put on hold, according to Blabber Mouth. The album includes multiple versions including digital, CD and a deluxe version. This allows their fans to choose a variety of options when it comes to their personal preference. 

The first song on the album, “Realize,” really set the overall tone for the sound of the group. From the banging drums, the electric guitar, and the killer vocals, the song was quite pleasing to me. The lyrics in the song tell that this group has not had its trademark weakened by the several obstacles that they had to overcome. Malcolm had a tremendous impact on the group while they recorded every song for their new album. This was my favorite song because I could feel the emotion through the lyricism of the band. 

Other songs, such as “Rejection,” “Shot in the Dark,” and “Demon Fire” show the slight aggression the group had always had within their previous albums. Seeing the initial reaction from their fans online, I could not help but go absolutely insane over their powerful sound. I honestly believed that they would never record another album after their last one in 2014, but was completely stunned at the original and reminiscing sound that I, along with many others, have always loved to hear.  

Although rock has never been a preferred genre for me, I honestly enjoyed several songs off of AC/DC’s new album. The energy behind every song was honestly impressive given the current ages of all of the members. The tone of the album was filled with energy and I am impressed that they still have the same great talent. AC/DC has put in a tremendous amount of work especially with the pandemic holding back most of the creative progress for the album. Overall, if rock is your thing and you have been looking forward to a sound that you can vibe to, AC/DC’s album is the one for you.

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