Drake vs. Lil Wayne concert

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>> During a beautiful night on Saturday,  Aug. 9,  at the Klipsch Music Center in Noblesville, Ind., rappers Drake and Lil Wayne performed a combined concert as part of the Drake vs. Lil Wayne tour. The concert was the first of its type to be accomplished, as the two artists battled each other on stage with their famous hits. The concert,  sponsored by Capcom, was intended to be performed in the style of an arcade fighting video game. An app created specifically for the concert allowed fans to vote for which artist they wanted to open the show, who would win and even provided them with the ability to power the performer up on stage. Following a concert full of humorous jabs by both artists and performances of several of their songs, Lil Wayne emerged victorious. Following the victory, both artists performed songs they had collaborated on together to close out the night. Overall, the concert was fun and energetic, and a new type of concert in which fans can interact in a new way with the performers on stage.

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