The Energy Spot Review

Whether you need a pre- or post-workout meal or a way to help lose weight, The Energy Spot has you covered. The Energy Spot’s main product is a three part meal. For about $13, you receive three different drinks: meal-replacement shake, tea or energy bomb and an aloe shot.  All three products are made for everyone to help with energy, weight loss and help with recovery.

First, you choose a meal replacement shake for what seemed like an unlimited amount of flavors for the meal replacement shake. It was difficult to choose a flavor seeing that there are over 75 to choose from. I decided on orange dreamsicle.

The shakes had amazing consistency, not too thick or watery, and tasted excellent for a healthy treat. The second thing I chose was a drink to go along with the shake. My choices were an energy bomb, basic teas or even iced coffee. The drink is an exquisite combination with your meal replacement shake. Lastly, I got an aloe shot that comes with three different flavors. The combination of the three feels like sitting down for a meal even if you’re on the go.

The Energy Spot is a fantastic place to go if you need something to get your day going or help your body recover from a workout. Popular music brings atmosphere to the building, a bit of energy, with a community feel as there are pictures of people happily enjoying their drinks all around. Overall, what seems pricey is a bargain deal that supports good health and great taste.

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