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>> Carl Hiaasen, author of the book-turned-movie “Hoot,” has brought another wonderful book into the world of literature. The setting of the story is Florida, where Richard and his wild cousin Malley love to comb the beaches for Loggerhead turtle nests. When the two cousins are set to meet for a late night beach walk, and Malley never shows, Richard begins to realize something is wrong. Richard then meets “Skink,” a wild ex-governor who lives as a hermit and is determined to help Richard find his cousin. Together the pair go on a wacky adventure to rescue Malley from a man who isn’t who he says he is. This book made me laugh at almost every page. Even though Hiaasen uses some graphic descriptions, they are only used to set the mood for the events in the story. If you are looking for a book that will make you laugh and sit on the edge of your seat at the same time, then this is the book for you. Fair warning, be ready to join this book’s wild ride.


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