2019 Homecoming Court Finalists give insight on why students should vote for them

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Voting for the Homecoming Court finalists opened on Monday at 8 a.m. and will end Friday at 12 p.m. The official 2019 Homecoming Court will be announced during half-time at the football game on Saturday. UIndy will be facing the Southwest Baptist Bearcats at 6 p.m at Key Stadium. 

Each candidate spoke on why they deserve homecoming royalty. 

Jailah Blakely, senior nursing major: As I tackle my final year here at UIndy, I’ve been reflecting back on my experience and I was reminded that I’ve had such a phenomenal experience. I’ve been involved in so many different aspects of campus and it’s really impacted my life. My involvement has been the foundation of all the everlasting memories & friendships I’ve created and I want to be crowned UIndy’s HoCo royalty so that I can I create one last experience that I can hold on to & cherish long after college. Vote for me so that I can represent this school that I love so much in a way I haven’t done so before.

Tim Joyner, senior art major: I feel people should vote for me because I am involved, humorous, dedicated, and overall love my school! I would like to show recognition to my fellow art major’s out there to bring awareness to our department and some of the events that we have. It would also mean a lot to me because my birthday is this upcoming weekend on Sunday, so this would be the icing on the cake if I am elected Homecoming Royalty.

Taylor Lahrman, senior marketing major: People should vote for me because I’m an extremely involved servant leader and have been for the past four years! I’ve had several leadership roles ranging from President, Director, Chair, and Assistant, but now I’m ready for something different – Royalty! I hope I earn your vote, but regardless, thank you for voting for the 2019 Homecoming Royalty. 

Brayton Lipperd, senior theatre major: I think people should vote for me because  my involvement and dedication to this campus is unmatched. Through my work as the Event Management Intern for Event Services where I interact with every office on campus, or my work as a Programming Chair on CPB, or my position as a LEAD Peer Mentor, and my dedication through my internship with Student Affairs, or my countless hours dedicated to the theatre department on campus, I strive every day to make Uindy a great school to be a part of. 

Megan Moranz, senior marketing major: I’m really nice and sweet and I have school spirit. I think it would be fun. I mean my spirit is there and my hearts in it. I kind of have this idea of a Homecoming Queen to be pretty well known, well liked and well rounded. I feel like I fit those categories. I also feel like a Homecoming Queen should be a good role model and I believe I am one.

Liesel Schmitz, senior theatre major: People should vote for me because I’m proud to be a Greyhound! I am always serving my school, whether it is through going to various events or through my work on campus. And it’s a huge honor that I was nominated by the student body. They believe in me as much as I believe in them. 

Payton Staman, senior engineering major: I would love to represent the UIndy student body in Homecoming Royalty because I believe my involvement, performance, and relationships developed in my undergrad studies have helped transform the student environment at UIndy. I would love to use homecoming court as a platform to not lift myself up, rather to represent the programs who have invested in me to get to where I am now: the Uindy Swim & Dive Team and R.B. Annis School of Engineering. Most of the achievements I have accomplished are not a testament to my abilities, but the excellence of the programs and I have been involved in. 

Additionally, extracurricular activities such as participation at Traders Point Christian Church, sustainability and environmental efforts around campus, and multi-disciplinary team leadership development in the DesignSpine® curriculum have shaped me to become a better person. My goal as a motivated young individual is to not only help myself and others grow intellectually, spiritually, and emotionally, but to positively influence the surrounding community in the process. Understanding that there is always room for personal development and more self-awareness, I am continually excited to see what the future holds and how I can achieve my next goal. 

Tahja Wilburn, senior marketing major: People at UIndy should vote for me because I am a well rounded and outgoing individual. I connect with and support a lot of students here at UIndy. My involvement here on campus does not only represent the type of person I am as well as my love for UIndy. I am a proud Greyhound and want to share that excitement with the rest of the campus community!

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