Tandoori Flame Restaurant Review

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I have been a fan of Indian food since I was very young, so when I heard that an Indian restaurant had opened less than five minutes from campus, to say that I was excited would be an understatement.

Tandoori Flame offers a lunch buffet for $10.99 that has many options including entrees with chicken, lamb, goat and vegetarian meals.

The main feature of the buffet was the curries. My favorites included the chicken majestic and veggie korma, as they had the most flavor. Tandoori Flame also had some foods that I had not had before, like chana masala, a curry dish, lamb biryani, a rice dish, and pakora, a fritter-like snack. It was very interesting to try these new foods, although none will be moving on to my favorites list.

One of my favorite curry dishes is chicken tikka masala, which I got as take out. Unfortunately, I can’t say Tandoori Flame has the best. In terms of flavor, their tikka masala is not very spicy. While I can’t say that Tandoori Flame’s food was bland, it was certainly not as flavorful as other Indian food that I have had.

Overall, I enjoyed my experiences at Tandoori Flame. The food is good, but there is nothing that really set them apart from any other Indian restaurant where I have been. Honestly, I have had versions of most things there that I liked more from somewhere else. I will continue to eat there, because their food is pretty good and they’re close to campus.

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