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>> To see a major Hollywood film that is based upon a story that takes place in Indiana is rare in today’s entertainment industry. That such a film would star the Forbes current highest-paid actor Robert Downey Jr., and film legend Robert Duvall is also surprising. This beautiful film is about a successful lawyer from Chicago (Downey), who returns to his small hometown in southern Indiana for his mother’s funeral, but soon after his father (Duvall), who is the judge in this small town, is accused of murdering a middle-aged civilian. The film takes you on an emotional rollercoaster ride, from laughing at Downey’s typical humor to mourning at the strained father-and-son relationship he and Duvall must rebuild. I thoroughly enjoyed this film, because it delivers the message that it is important to never forget the ones who truly love you  and have helped build you into what you have become. I recommend seeing this film.


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