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boss-baby-review-2DreamWorks’ family oriented animated film “Boss Baby,” directed by Tom McGrath, premiered on Mar. 31.  McGrath, who is best known for the three animated “Madagascar” films and “Megamind,” delivers a satisfying message regarding the sensitive aspect of a growing family. Narrated by Tobey Maguire, the movie follows seven-year-old Tim as he tells the imaginative story of when he got his baby brother. Tim soon realizes that he is no longer the center of his parents’ universe. Boss Baby, voiced by Alec Baldwin, takes sibling rivalry to an entirely new level with Tim. They both seek their parents’ undivided attention, and Boss Baby prepares for his mission. Sent by BabyCorp, Boss Baby is investigating PuppyCorp., where their parents are currently employed. Afraid that parents will no longer want babies but rather puppys, the two boys, setting aside their differences, and form a bond in order to help stop their parents’ evil boss, Francis Francis, who is voiced by Steve Buscemi. They come up with a plan to uncover the new “forever puppy” that is being launched in the next few days. By the end of the movie, the two boys finally learn the true meaning of the love of their family. Aside from, witty, one-liner jokes, that only parents will really understand, the movie is uncharacteristically mediocre. With only minimal entertaining scenes, such as when Boss Baby dresses up in a puppy costume; all of the comical scenes were already shown in the TV movie trailers and promotions. In my opinion, the movie could have spread out the comical scenes instead of having them all within the first hour.



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