‘A Star is Born’ Review

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I’ve always been a fan of Lady Gaga, so when I heard that she was starring in the new movie “A Star is Born,” I was ecstatic. She and Bradley Cooper both play two incredible roles in the film, and the two actors  have the most onscreen chemistry I’ve ever seen from beginning to end. The film is full of happy moments, overcoming struggles, love and also moving moments that make the movie a real tearjerker.

The two start on a musical adventure together where Ally finally rises to fame, all with the help of Jackson. Throughout the movie, he continues to struggle with his addictions, but is slowly learning to overcome it with Ally by his side.

Additionally, the movie features music from both Cooper and Gaga. The biggest shock to me, to be honest, was finding out that Cooper can sing and how incredible his voice is. He and Gaga both show that they are equally capable of singing and acting, and it is a pleasure to see so much talent in one movie. The soundtrack for the movie is very impressive and contains all original songs from both Cooper and Gaga.

I highly recommend that people go and see this movie, which was also Cooper’s directorial debut. He plays a role far different from any other role I’ve ever seen him play, and Gaga shows real acting skill in this incredible film. The second the movie was over, I immediately wanted to watch it again. “A Star is Born” is definitely a film that I will rewatch, and recommend others do the same.

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