Alumni perform in ComedySportz group as part of Homecoming

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ComedySportz came to perform at the University of Indianapolis on Sept. 26 in celebration of Homecoming week. ComedySportz is an interactive improv show in which the performers are divided up between two teams and compete for points to win the games that the audience chose.

Photo by Sam Horning

Alumni and ComedySportz comedians Andy Wegg and Daryl Hollonquest visited campus to perform a show as part of the Homecoming week festivities. Selected audience members were split into two teams to play a variety of games such as charades, along with a referee whose job was to give the instructions and make calls.

Among the group of the ComedySportz performers were two UIndy 2016 alumni Andy Wegg and Daryl Hollonquest. The alumni said they were excited to be back and perform for the students for the Homecoming festivities.  Alpha Psi Omega, the national theatre honors society,  organized and hosted the event.

Wegg and Hollonquest were both a part of this group during their time at UIndy. Wegg said he learned he has a passion for acting while being a part of APO.

“I discovered ComedySportz because of APO and it is something I really enjoy and love,” Wegg said. “So I would like to thank APO for doing an amazing job continuing to add arts and flare to the university.”

Junior exercise science major David Goon said he was excited to attend ComedySportz. He said he had never been to the show before but  heard great reviews.

“It was such an exciting experience, and a fun change of pace to the activities on campus,” Goon said. “All the performers were funny and it was hard not to laugh the whole time.”

Wegg and Hollonquest said that they enjoy involving the crowd and especially using them in games like charades. Wegg said it was the perfect time for them to come back to campus and help with the homecoming festivities and was excited to celebrate the week with the students.

“I really enjoy being able to see the little changes around the campus, and just seeing how everything is continuing to be updated,” Wegg said. “It is also really fun to see during Homecoming week how not much has changed, but students still staying up late and enjoying the festivities around campus.”

Goon said that he has attended many of the Homecoming events while he has been at UIndy and that this was one of his favorites.

“I had never seen ComedySportz, so I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect,” Goon said. “I enjoyed the show a lot and will definitely go see them again. I’m glad they added this to the Homecoming week because it was a great time and I hope they do it again next year.”

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