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the-boilingI walked into The Boiling expecting an authentic seafood experience that you cannnot usually find in Indiana, but as soon as I took the first bite, I knew how wrong I was.

The first thing I noticed was when I pulled up to the restaurant as it was on the end of a strip mall, next to a hookah bar, which made me a little skeptical.  When I walked inside, the next thing I noticed was the decoration. The overall theme of it was beachy. The restaurant had nets, paintings of fish, and fake lobsters on the wall.

It was an awkward dining area, with unflattering lighting. The music that was playing did not really go with the theme. It was modern day pop when I expected something more like Jimmy Buffett. Besides the poor lighting and lousy choice of music, I did enjoy the theme of it.

We were seated right away, as there were only about seven other people eating there at the time. Our waiter was very friendly, along with the rest of the workers. He made sure our needs were met and never kept us waiting too long.

To start off, my two friends and I ordered egg rolls that came with some tasty Thai soy sauce. I ordered a shrimp basket, which came with fried shrimp and fries. Not only do they have shrimp, but also various types of wings, fish and lobster.

The food was way too hot. My friend who came with me burnt her tongue and the roof of her mouth very badly from how hot it was. I’m assuming that they had literally just taken it out of the fryer.

The shrimp basket was $12, and although it was good, I think it was  pricey considering it was just fried food that I probably could’ve found cheaper food elsewhere.

After finishing my meal and leaving, I decided that overall, The Boiling offers an eventful experience. I think it would be a nice place to visit one time, but I do not see myself going a second time. I would only recommend this restaurant to people who really need their seafood fix.

2316 E County Line Rd, 

Indianapolis IN 46227


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