kendick-lamar-damn-album-reviewThe first taste of Kendrick Lamar’s new album, “DAMN.,” came after the release of “HUMBLE.” Just in the beginning, Lamar’s beats and lyrics collided beautifully. “HUMBLE.” is the kind of song that you play when you want to get your blood flowing and head nodding. So once the whole album came out, I was expecting similar music. This was not the case. The whole album consists of 14 songs and although not every song has a faster beat like “HUMBLE.,” the album is great. It has a lot of the usual Lamar lyrics that make you sit there and think about what he really meant and how it applies to the U.S.  Once again, as with his past album releases, Lamar does not let us down with his lyrical genius. “DAMN.” provides us with sick beats and his signature artistic rhymes. As in  most of his music, Lamar is able to tell a story with his music in a way that only he can. In his track titled “YAH.,” the chorus is about how his head is always buzzing, and about alcohol and drug abuse, and how he’s seen it.  Another song in the album that pumps your mind is “DUCKWORTH.”  The first lyric is “It was always me versus the world until I found out it was me versus me.” Lamar is known for asking “Why?”  in “DAMN.,” he does not lose that strategy.  I enjoyed this album so much because I am a little biased as a fan of Lamar and because of the way the album was formatted. It is one of the only albums that I believe is hiccup-free. The album is hype and even has its own twist, as many of Lamar’s albums do. This was one of the first albums I listened to through the night and then woke up the next day still listening.



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