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Zip City offers nonstop fun, which is good for college students and families, as an indoor park with trampolines, zip lines, rock walls, laser tag, knocker soccer and more. I went on a Saturday with my dad and younger brother, and the place was full of families, though the lines were never long to wait in. I started the day by battling my brother in the gladiator pit and knocking him off the balance beam into the  sweaty foam pit. If you’ve ever been to Sky Zone, the trampoline area at Zip City is a little smaller but not overcrowded. The zip lines were by far my favorite. It’s exhilarating to fly from one end of the building to the other with the wind through your…helmet. The rock wall was cool, and I am proud to say I made it to the top on the second easiest section. I would recommend doing the rock wall last because it really hurts your fingers. The laser tag was pretty fun, but it’s located in a well-lit area, which isn’t as much fun. Still, there are lots of obstacles to hide behind. Knocker soccer was available the day I went, which was a blast. You get into an inflated plastic bubble and can run into other people.  I did get knocked down and rolled completely over, which was kind of scary, but fun. Zip City also has food and an arcade that cost extra. With a college ID, the price is $17.95 for three hours and includes a free water bottle. I recommend wearing comfortable clothes, sneakers plus a lot of deodorant. In three hours, I got a chance to do everything and do some stuff I wanted to repeat. It was a lot of fun to go with my family, but I think it’d be even better to go with a big group of friends.



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