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>> There are some days you just want to watch a dumb comedy. If that is your desire, this movie is certainly for you. The movie is delightfully self-aware. It takes its lowbrow comedy to new lows that certainly made me laugh, but also cringe. The basic plot of this movie is that after the events of the first movie, all of the characters have become rich and famous. After one of the characters is assassinated, the whole crew goes 10 years into the future to try to prevent the killing. While in the future, they encounter a number of hilarious obstacles, including sadistic game shows and psychotropic ladybugs. For me, the highlight of the film was watching Craig Robinson, known for roles in “The Office” and “This is the End,” make joke after joke. His comedic timing and obvious ad-libbing provide a contrast to the scripted nature of the rest of the film.  Hot Tub Time Machine 2 is not an intelligent comedy but it is a great movie to put on for some cheap laughs.


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