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“Christmastime is here, happiness and cheer” and tons of prematurely decorated voluptuous  green Christmas trees. Kicking off its newest holiday tradition, The Oaks Academy in Indianapolis hosted its first Christmas Tree Festival from Nov. 11 to Nov. 20. Although I walked through the wrong door and frightened a kind volunteer,  I arrived in the dim and classily lit auditorium housing all of the gorgeous trees. A volunteer ushered my boyfriend and me to the ticketing booth, where I confirmed my ticket purchase for the event, which was only $10 for the both of us and $5 for one person. As well as the event program, the volunteer at the ticketing booth handed us raffle tickets for a Lowe’s gift card valued at $500, which would be raffled at the end of the event. As a young and festive woman with a heart for celebrating Christmas, I also have a gluttony for Starbucks coffee. The volunteers served coffee from Starbucks,  other assorted refreshments such as popcorn and cute little bottles of water to serve visitors until the end. I will be sure to attend this event in years to come as The Oaks Academy thrives with their newfound holiday tradition. As a college student with a grandiose passion for the Christmas season on a budget, I felt this festival fueled my holiday cheer. I wish I could buy tickets for everyone to attend this event. Everyone deserves to partake in holiday cheer, regardless of the proximity to Thanksgiving.

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