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 Pie Five is one of the newest pizza options found in downtown Indianapolis and has quickly become a popular option. The restaurant focuses on quick and customizable personal pizzas and offers a variety of toppings to fit anyone’s personal taste. As one of my friends who joined me at the restaurant said, “It’s like the Subway of pizza.” I ordered a pan pizza with marinara sauce, sausage, bacon, cheese, cherry tomatoes, spinach and the signature mix of spices referred to as Magic Dust. I got it as a meal, which includes a drink plus a salad or desert (I got the chocolate chip cookie pie, which was very tasty). I got all of this for a fair price of $9.99 and was served quickly. The three of us who went ordered four pizzas and had them ready to eat in about 10 minutes. Pie Five is a hip place that is great for lunch or a quick dinner. Overall, I had a good experience and will be back next time I want a quick option and crave a tasty pie.


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