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The odd and surreal world of the “Welcome to Night Vale” podcast shines through in this first novel by the same name. The novel highlights the lives of two characters following separate mysteries within the American desert town of Night Vale, along with some segments from the local public radio. The eerie, yet still comedic, feeling of the hit podcast translates nicely to the page but is performed excellently in the audiobook by Cecil Baldwin, the voice of Night Vale. Aside from the fun atmosphere, the book manages to build extremely likable and relatable characters, despite that they live in a town where time doesn’t exist, it is illegal to acknowledge angels, and the Sheriff’s Secret Police will arrest anyone who votes incorrectly. This novel is a treat for readers who enjoy world building and quirky humor. Fans of the podcast will enjoy a number of nods to that prior work, but newcomers to the series can enjoy the story just as much.


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