“Inhale,” she said. Wait until my thighs are on fire, I thought. “Exhale,” she said. Oh come on, you can hold on for one more warrior pose, I thought. The Yogi for my first-ever candlelit yoga experience was named Amy, and I could really pick up on her hopefulness and faith for the first-timers in the front row. Those first-timers were me and another editor. I was so excited to sign up for my first official yoga class at BodySpace Yoga and Wellness, and I felt so healthy already by running my credit card through their registration system. The only yoga experience I’ve had was from my kinesiology course on campus, but I wanted an alternative with a professional Yogi and a more relaxing atmosphere without mandatory requirements. I was immediately excited by the hardwood flooring and the mood lighting as soon as I walked through the door with my fellow editor. Faux candles on the floor lined walls that had ballet bars mounted above for another class offered at the studio. Although my class began at 7 p.m., I was still able to see that there was a courtyard beyond the windows of the studio. Needless to say, I believe I found my first favorite yoga studio with such a kind staff. The routine Amy took us through was physically demanding, although it definitely wasn’t something I couldn’t handle. The prices and packages range from $9 for community yoga to $1,080 for an annual membership. I definitely plan to go  back when my puny bank account isn’t running dry.


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