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General American Donut Company is a small bakery known for its freshly made donuts, which range in flavor from an original yeast donut to a coffee and cream donut. The donuts vary in cost, from $1 to $3 each. The more gourmet the donut, the more expensive the price. I tasted five different types, from Crème Brule to Snickers. Each donut had a unique and rich flavor. My personal favorite was the Coffee and Cream donut. Most donuts are heavy, but this donut is lightweight and sets well. The Coffee and Cream donut is cream-filled and covered in an icing, with a hint of a coffee taste. This donut could be used as a dessert or to accompany a morning coffee. The small bakery has a relaxed atmosphere with several different seating options and quiet, alternative music playing in the background. This is definitely a good place for college students to hang out and just relax on the weekends or weekdays.


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