UIndy students find new ways to get around campus

The University of Indianapolis may have a small campus compared to that of  other schools, but getting from building to building still takes some time. UIndy students are finding creative alternatives to walking.

Walking around campus, one is likely to see at least one person on freeline skates or a MonoRover, and probably more than one on a longboard.

Sophomore Jeremiah Rang shows off his freeline skating skills on Smith Mall. Rang enjoys skating around campus instead of walking from class to class. Photo by Kaley Gatto

Sophomore Jeremiah Rang shows off his freeline skating skills on Smith Mall. Rang enjoys skating around campus instead of walking from class to class. Photo by Kaley Gatto

Freeline skates are a pair of skates designed  to give the feeling of skateboarding, snowboarding and surfing all in one. They are made of two separate metal or wooden plates with two wheels attached to each. Sophomore information systems major Jeremiah Rang rides freeline skates to class and around campus.

“A lot of times, people will see me riding them and go, ‘Oh, that’s cool.’ And they will ask what they’re called,” Rang said. “They’re called freeline skates, and originally I wanted some sort of skateboard thing, but I didn’t really like the skating community. So I thought maybe a longboard, but then I saw this really cool YouTube video about freeline skates, and I went out and bought them, [because] I wanted to take a chance on something new.”

Students also use other forms of transportation to get around campus. Sophomore information systems major Sultan Agalala rides a MonoRover R2 around campus.

A MonoRover is like a Segway without the stick that acts as a handle.  Agalala said the MonoRover is incredibly easy to ride and can be relaxing or thrilling, depending on how it is ridden.

“I save a lot of time riding my  MonoRover R2 around, especially if  I am running late to class,” he said. “There are no more excuses if I’m running late or searching for a parking spot, because I can park far away and just get on my MonoRover to get me where I need to be faster. It’s easy to ride. It takes you only 15 to 20 minutes to get used to it, and then you can do it all on your own. Even younger kids can ride it … I think other kids should buy them to get to class faster. And they’re fun.”

Another form of transportation used around campus is a longboard. A longboard is similar to a skateboard, but longer. Sophomore supply chain major Rodney Goins rides a longboard around the campus.

“One night, I tried to ride one of my friends’  longboards, and it was really fun, so I decided to get one a week later,” he said. “It saves a lot of time. Everyone should get one.”

Finding alternatives to walking around UIndy is fairly common. Goins said that people should never be afraid to try something new, and that practice makes perfect. Rang also said falling is normal when trying something new and should not discourage anyone from trying and that they just have to get back up and keep trying.

“Practicing to ride freeline skates, I’ve fallen quite a few times,” Rang said. “If I try to do tricks, I definitely wipe out a few times before I get it. I keep getting back up, because they’re fun. It hurts when you know you’re going to fall. But with anything, if you fall you just take a few days off and get right back on. They’re [freeline skates] actually really easy to learn, [you] just give it a few days of trying. And they’re really cool, not an expensive investment. Just give them a shot, give anything new a shot.”

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