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havane-moon-live-album-reviewThe Rolling Stones ended their America Latina Ole Tour with a performance in Havana, Cuba on March 25. The show was aired across the world in theaters on Sept. 23, and an album from their live performance was released worldwide on Nov. 11. The album features hits from more than five decades of performing, including “Paint It Black,” “Angie,” “Start Me Up” and “Out of Control.”  While listening to the album, I felt like I was at a Rolling Stones concert. The tracks flowed into one another, and there were no moments of silence before the next song began. The live venue did not have a negative impact on the quality of the vocals,  guitar riffs  or instrumentation. Jagger frequently included the live audience as well, turning the microphone to them to sing along with hits like “You Can’t Always Get What You Want.” Their enthusiasm can be heard at the end of each song in screams, cheers and applause as Jagger addresses them in both English and Spanish.  While the album has all the energy and talent of any The Rolling Stones performance or album, aside from it being one of the first free, outdoor rock concerts in Cuba, there is nothing new or spectacular about it. It is similar to the Stones’ 29 other live albums.  I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the album, as will other fans of The Rolling Stones or live albums. However, if you’re looking for something different from the Stones, this album leaves something to be desired.

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