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>>  Based on a New York Times best seller written by Gillan Flynn , “Gone Girl,” is a roller coaster ride on the dark side of love. David Fincher directed this romantic thriller of a tragic story one might see on their evening news. Nick (Ben Affleck) and Amy Dunn (Rosamund Pike) have been married for five years, but on their anniversary, Nick comes home to an empty house with Amy nowhere to be found.  As the days go by, the story starts to reveal itself as the perfect frame job for murder. By the middle of the investigation and scandal being covered by every news channel, Fincher reveals to the audience how Amy leaves a treasure hunt of clues to a bone chilling plot of revenge for Nick’s infidelity. My favorite thing about the movie is the huge impact you see the media play into the investigation. Honestly, “Gone Girl” is worth its bucks at the box office. Lesson for future husbands; keep your significant other “happily” married, or else.


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