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>> Alan Furst’s latest spy novel is set in what one character refers to as the “overture” to the Second World War: the Spanish Civil War. The novel follows an international lawyer, who is recruited by Spanish Republicans to buy arms for the fledgling nation being overrun by an enemy that is allied with Hitler and Mussolini. The writing is exciting and the novel manages to humanize even the fascists. I never thought I would feel sympathy for a fascist spy, but I did. Furst does an incredible job of showing the war from all angles. Although historical fiction, it explains why the United States stood on the sidelines of the war, and why the Soviets provided aid to the Republicans. The best part of this book is that it teaches the reader while keeping him or her entertained throughout the entire book. Whether you are a fan of action thrillers, no matter the setting, or a history buff looking for a hint of adventure, this is the book for you.


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