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>> “The Slow Regard of Silent Things” is a short book by Patrick Rothfuss that revolves around the mysterious life of Auri, who is a character in the “Kingkiller Chronicles.” The first book in the chronicles, which was released in April 2007, was the first place Auri was introduced. In the first pages of the novel, we are watching the story unfold through Auri’s lens, revealing her curious nature and absurd reasoning. Auri, who lives her life down in the abandoned underground floors of the university, seems to give every inanimate object around her a personified significance such as a name, a specific place where it belongs and even attributed feelings. I was fascinated with Rothfuss’ unique literary style and words that flow and resonate in an almost melodic pattern. There is an authenticity in his writing that reflects the emotions of the story, making it pleasant to read. However, the story is not engaging enough to carry your interest through the very last pages.


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