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>> If anyone has ever had the pleasure of going to a public high school, “The Distance Between Lost and Found” depicts the cruel world that most people think it is. The main character, Hallelujah, has been reduced to nothing after a rumor about an incident with the preacher’s son, Luke, spreads around her high school. Now, six months after the rumor began, Hallie is on a youth group retreat, hiking in the Smoky Mountains with the people who continue to bully her, as well as fresh new faces. During a hike, Hallie is pushed to her limit and gets separated from the group, along with Rachel, a girl who just wants Hallie to open up, and Hallie’s former friend Jonah. The three must trust each other to survive in the wilderness together. This book takes the reader on a journey in the lives of three teens who discover themselves amid the harsh world of the wilderness. This book is for anyone who is looking for the perseverance to survive, one day at a time.


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