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Harry, Louis, Niall and Liam have outdone themselves once again. “Made in the A.M.” is the perfect mixture of songs you can cry, laugh and dance to. The album was released Nov. 13. and proves to all the cynics that these four lads are more than just a boy band. Their new songs are more mature sounding and tackle tougher subjects than just finding the perfect girl at a party. Each song has hints of inspiration from the boys’ favorite bands. “Hey Angel” has a strong Coldplay influence, while “Perfect” has a hint of The 1975. Pointing out which song is my favorite would be nearly impossible, but “Never Enough” and “Wolves” are definitely toward the top. I was shocked to hear how well they sounded without the meatiness of Zayn’s vocals, but the album did incredibly well without him. These artists stepped up to the plate and gave their best vocal performances to date. I am so proud of how far these four boys have come.


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