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>> Fall Out Boy’s highly anticipated “American Beauty/American Psycho” is a mixed bag for me. The first half of the album is decent, with stand out tracks such as the title track and “The Kids Aren’t All Right,” which was released prior to the album drop. “Irresistible” gets the album off to a good start, but it all derails five tracks in with the basic pop anthem “Uma Thurman.”  Although some of the songs are catchy, they are mostly disappointingly poppy.  The album goes even further than “Save Rock and Roll” away from the sound fans grew up with. After this album, and with the upcoming tour featuring Wiz Khalifa, it is safe to say that Fall Out Boy has left the rock genre and entered pop territory. However, fans know how unpredictable the band is, so it is hard to guess where the group’s musical roller coaster will stop next album. I’m not ready to write off Fall Out Boy with this mediocre album, but I will say it is easily the band’s weakest effort.

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