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>> One of the very few places where you can go go-karting all year round is Fastimes Indoor Karting. They offer open karting every day of the week for anyone who is looking for a good time with friends. When you walk out onto the track and get your helmet, you get the feeling of being a legitimate racer. The track alone was filled with exciting twists and turns during the race. Karting was a lot of fun. Going with a lot of friends is a good idea. That way, you get to share the thrill of racing with a crowd. Unfortunately, I only had enough time and money to go once, but it was definitely a fun time.  However there were a few disappointments. The price was a little high for only an eight-minute race. The price was $20, which included a helmet and a racing suit, plus you could buy a head sock to put under the helmet for an additional $2. If you are willing to pay this, then you are in for a quick good time with some friendly competition.


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