‘Larger Than Life’ Album Review

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When it comes to the music I listen to, I have always been selective about the artists I keep in my regular rotation and have never been into fan culture. I love music, but when I am listening to a new album, there are specific things that I am looking for, ranging from overall flow, theme, lyricism and all the way down to how the instrumentals sound and how it all ties together. Through the “Larger than Life” album, Brent Faiyaz not only delivered an amazing album but also further solidified his artist status to me. 

From the very first track on the album I was sucked in. The first track entitled “Tims intro” although short, was encapsulating. The beat quickly reminded me of ‘No Scrubs’ by TLC and I almost limitedly I could hear Timbaland’s style. From then on, there was track after track filled to the brim with amazing storytelling and 90’s R&B. My favorite track by far has been ‘Belong to you’ as it was really nice to hear Brent deal with feelings on the tender side versus his more toxic songs and in the future I really hope he releases a few more love songs. I honestly have nothing bad to say about this album at all, with each listen I fell more and more in love with each track. 

I feel as though with every album Brent releases he bridges a gap by creating his albums the way he does. In my opinion, this generation of artists is missing something crucial the artists before them had downpact and that is the art of making an album. Brent Faiyaz, on the other hand, is one of the very few artists today that I would say has this skill on-lock. Every album he has put out tells a wonderful story with vivid imagery lyrics and captivating music “Larger than Life” was no exception to this. I honestly cannot wait to hear what Brent Faiyaz’s future works as he honestly never disappoints in my opinion.

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