Maria’s Original Pizza

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>>The budget of a typical college student is a strict one. Luxuries cannot be afforded, and any night out to eat makes you feel like a king. Fortunately, Maria’s Original Pizza is here. Located in the heart of Fountain Square, this charming restaurant caters to the penny- pinchers looking to unload the change jar. The restaurant is complemented by old posters and mismatched chairs, but it still has the feel of refinement in some unexpected but pleasant way. We ordered an extra large meat-lovers pizza and an order of mozzarella-filled bread sticks, which were coated with an exquisite blend of spices and a generous layer of melted butter. Then the glorious pizza came, a balance of gooey cheese, flavorful meat, and tomato sauce so fresh I felt like it had been made from tomatoes that had just ripened that day. The price for the meal was more than reasonable for most students. This restaurant is a charming place with great food and great service.

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