Letter to the Editor: A Response to The Reflector’s Article ‘What There is to Know About Israel and Palestine’ in Volume 102 Issue 5

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Reflector Editorial Team,

Your article, ‘What there is to know about Israel and Palestine,’ November 21, 2023, approaches the subject from a largely one-sided perspective, with the sources cited as telling as those not cited. Journalistic integrity and calls for moral clarity on truth and error, right and wrong, good and evil not only impel revisiting the topic, but represent a tremendous opportunity for a college newspaper to boldly set the standard for real investigative journalism on this topic, insisting on the discovery of truth and resisting pressures to conform to the ‘narrative’ which has swept many college campuses. We have a tremendous opportunity, at a time when some college campuses have come under withering criticism for failing to define and stand for moral clarity, to set ourselves apart as able to take on tough, intensely emotional issues in a civil tone and reasoned debate.


Mark D. Richardson

Assistant Professor, School of Business

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