Retrospective: How The Reflector has changed its alumni coverage

The University of Indianapolis community is made up of a wide variety of people. While students, professors and administrators are most commonly associated with UIndy because of their presence on campus, alumni also make up a large portion of our community. Once students are enrolled at UIndy, they continue to be Greyhounds long after they graduate, and The Reflector has always sought to highlight some of the most prominent alumni to come through the university, as well as alumni participation on campus.

UIndy alumni are often regularly involved with the university. They can participate with the university through the Alumni Association, often serve on the Board of Trustees or participate in special events at the university, such as alumna Nikki Reed, who had the opportunity to emcee the event “A Conversation with Bill Nye” on Sept. 17 during Family Weekend.

The Reflector front page from Sept. 12, 1924.

Our coverage of alumni dates back as early as the first decade of The Reflector’s production. This was most commonly done through a column titled “Alumni Doings,” which is shown on this front page from 1924. It was often structured as a column that gave brief descriptions of what different alumni were doing post-graduation. But given the growing population of the university, a brief column was no longer feasible. Over the years, The Reflector has often written full profile pieces about alumni, their achievements and anything they do involving the university.

One of these articles covered an alumnus beginning his career as a mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter. Angelo Robles graduated in 2018 with a background in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and was a member of the UIndy wrestling team during his time at the university, according to The Reflector article. As of The Reflector’s print time, his most recent fight was on June 25 and Robles has won one pro MMA fight with no losses, according to Tapology.  

Alternatively, The Reflector often covers when alumni are involved with homecoming on campus, returning to show their love for the community and showcase their own talents. Some choose to participate by joining the annual alumni recitals; Assistant Professor of Music Mitzi Westra invited alumni back to UIndy to perform during Homecoming 2019 as a way of maintaining connections with those that have graduated, according to the Reflector article about the event. 

Some alumni feel so connected to UIndy that they decide to make the university a part of their wedding plans. In 2018, The Reflector spoke to three alumni that chose to incorporate UIndy on their special day. One couple was wed in Esch Hall with the reception in the Alumni House, another was married in Smith Mall and another chose to have their reception in the Schwitzer Student Center. Ultimately, alumni are a big part of the UIndy community, despite not always being present on campus. The university’s administration has shown that UIndy cares about alumni and they have shown that love in return. And because they have left an impact on campus, The Reflector continues to showcase the achievements of alumni and their involvement with the university, displaying to current students that they are always a part of the UIndy family.

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