“Uncharted” Movie Review

Released on Feb. 18, “Uncharted” follows the adventure of Nathan Drake (Tom Holland) and Victor “Sully” Sullivan (Mark Wahlberg) as they search for treasure. The action adventure movie, directed by Ruben Fleischer includes Sophia Ali, Tati Gabrielle and Antonio Banderas starring in minor roles throughout the film.a Additionally, Nathan Drake is looking to find answers for his lost brother Sam Drake (Rudy Pankow). Nathan Drake is bartending when he gets confronted by Sully with an offer to find Magellan’s treasure. However, enemies are looking for the treasure, which develops into fight scenes that add suspense for the audience. Therefore, the majority of the characters have little trust for each other, creating a mystery for who is on what side. The movie is adapted from the video game series created by Naughty Dog. There are four main “Uncharted” games within the franchise.

To begin with, the acting in the movie helps add quality that could have been lost. Holland and Wahlberg are two actors that have the ability to light up a movie. The two actors help elevate the movie in the best ways possible. They do this through their banter and dialogue between each other. Another exciting aspect of the movie is how the movie creates a visually appealing picture. For instance, the movie’s action scenes contain vibrant and unique backgrounds. This adds encapsulating images for the viewer to enjoy. The movie’s technical elements illuminate many of the scenes. These include battles on pirate ships, expensive buildings and falling out of airplanes. The movie also features enthralling camera angles and animations that locate the characters optimally for the movie.

The movie incorporated little moments that pay homage to the video games. Following a similar plot, the movie takes you on a journey somewhat parallel to the video game, but, the movie does not depict the game scene-for-scene. The movie attempts its own take on the story, but still looks to involve nostalgia from the video games. Nathan and Sully still have a bond involving humor, but they don’t replicate the exact same way they interact in the video game.For a treasure hunting adventure movie, it contains some of the universal thematic elements that most people are used to including an arduous journey where the characters encounter obstacles and villains between themselves and the treasure. However, the movie feels like it lacks some uniqueness. The majority of the movie is expected and the viewer can figure out what is going to happen without knowing much about the plot. Similarly, when watching the movie you aren’t shocked by any of the events that happen, leaving the plot a little bare. At many points in the movie, I was looking for a bit more to be added to the plot. For me, a really good movie leaves me thinking for a while after watching; and Uncharted did not do this for me. The movie provided opportunities for entertainment, but it will probably be a movie that will not be talked about after a few years due to its pitfalls.

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