University of Indianapolis returns to full capacity, optional mask with exceptions

The University of Indianapolis has updated their COVID-19 mask and space capacity policies, with university spaces being allowed at full capacity and masks will be optional on campus except for classrooms, labs, instructional areas and close contact areas, according to an email sent by University President Robert Manuel on March 2. These changes were implemented following a meeting of the COVID-19 Task Force and considering the recently updated recommendations
from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released on Feb. 25.


  • Masks will be optional for all locations on campus excluding: classrooms, labs and instructional areas.
  • Areas that are considered close contact environments, such as COVID-19 testing areas, the counseling center and health center, will still require masks.
  • Occupants of private offices will be allowed to choose if visitors must be masked or unmasked.
  • Manuel said in the email, “While many people feel safe removing their masks in public settings, please recognize that there are others who may not have reached that same level of comfort, for a variety of reasons. I ask that you be respectful of them and their decision to remain masked.” 


  • UIndy will operate at full capacity, excluding classrooms, labs and other instructional areas. These areas are excluded so as to not disturb current class schedules.
  • If infection rates do not increase, those areas will move to full capacity by semester’s end.


  • The current vaccination policy will remain in place. Manuel said that recommendations
    from the CDC,  other public health officials and state legislation will be monitored if changes need to be made in the future.
  • The current policy is that those with on campus activities must be fully vaccinated with a
    booster or provide eligible exemptions.

The campus community is still urged to stay home if they are feeling ill and to seek out testing when they feel unwell to know if it is COVID-19, according to Manuel’s email. Testing will still be provided on campus and those with vaccination exemptions are still to test weekly to follow the current vaccination policy. Manuel said that the impact of COVID-19 on UIndy’s community will continue to be monitored and the policies will be adjusted as needed.

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