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At the Ironworks Hotel located right off of Keystone Ave. in Indianapolis there are many places to eat both for guests and Indianapolis residents looking for a new place to try. Rize, located right next to the main entrance to the hotel, is worth trying out for hotel guests and fans of good food alike. As soon as I walked in, I noticed a very modern look to the place, and I almost thought to myself that this is what all brunch places should look like. When I think of a place that is only open for brunch, I picture a place that feels open and unique, and that is the exact atmosphere that Rize has with its high ceilings and unique chairs and tables that that really bring together the modern setting for Rize with their low back rests. The interior decorations give it a very welcoming first impression, from the very modern lighting fixtures to the clear view of the kitchen, it is definitely a place where I felt welcomed.

Rize’s menu is laid out clearly and everything that comes with the meal is easy to see. I went into Rize with an open mind and decided to simply order whatever peaked my attention first. I ended up choosing the Spicy Mango Chicken salad because it felt like something that embodied the uniqueness of the restaurant, but I did decide to have them hold the spicy sauce on it. After ordering, it took less than ten minutes for myself and my friend to receive our food.

When the Mango Chicken salad arrived, it was a mountain of well-blended greens with avocado, chicken, corn, pickled onions and carrots all topped with a mango vinaigrette that was a perfect addition to the salad. For those who prefer a sweeter breakfast, the menu features loads of different options, from an amazing looking cinnamon roll large enough to feed multiple people to cold-smoked salmon toast. Rize also has a great selection of vegan options to choose from, so anyone can have a great meal regardless of their dietary needs or choices.

I am definitely going to be returning to Rize again in the future. The food was amazing, and the natural ingredients that left me feeling good as I left. This is a great place to find yourself in on any occasion or any day of the week, and I look forward to returning to enjoy the experience again.

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