Winter 2018-19 Senior Athletes Highlights

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Swimming & Diving

Chris Gurski

  • 21.31 50 Free Personal Best
  • 46.52 100 Free Personal Best
  • 1:41.95 200 Free Personal Best
  • 4:39.33  500 Free Personal Best
What was your most memorable experience swimming at UIndy?

“Winning the GLVC conference championships last year. Definitely the most exciting and most energizing moment I felt in four years because it was such a great team effort.”

George Oceana

  • 1:50.98 200 Individual Medley Personal Best
  • 57:20 100 Breaststroke Personal Best
  • 3:57.71 400 Individual Medley Personal Best
  • 2:02.69 200 Breaststroke Personal Best
What are your thoughts on your career as a swimmer and as a whole?

“I think I’ve experienced new things here because I’m not used to such a big team… So I think here I experienced a lot of teamwork and a lot of energy, that I didn’t experience before. I think these four years we’re magic and more special to me.”

Lucian Conner

  • 55.60 100 Breaststroke Personal Best
  • 2:04.34 200 Breaststroke Personal Best
  • 1:56.97 200 Individual Medley Personal Best
  • 4:15.00 400 Individual Medley Personal Best
What advice do you have for some of the younger swimmers on the team?

“Don’t forget that your education is what you came here for. Don’t let partying and anything become too much of a distraction from your education.”

Stefanie Haholiades
  • 23.55 50 Free Personal Best
  • 51.76 100 Free Personal Best
What are your thoughts on your time at UIndy as a whole?

“I’ve grown since my freshman year, both mentally, physically, everything. It especially helped me grow as a person both academically and athletically.”

Ashley Clevenger

What kind of impact did playing have on your college experience?

“A student athlete’s life is very different from other students’ lives in that we don’t just play our sport but we need to be eligible to play which means having good academics. Keeping up with everything can be physically demanding and mentally challenging and it requires a lot commitment and focus. But it has its rewards. My college experience made me stronger both in and out of the pool.”


Heath Lange

  • 157 Weight Class
  • 8-7 win-loss senior season
What kind of impact did wrestling at UIndy have on your college experience?

“It gave me a bunch of really good friends and people will look up to and positive people to surround myself with and it gave me the guidance to make the right decisions and keep myself on a positive path to graduation.”

Dylan Faulkenberg

  • Heavyweight
  • 22-5 win-loss senior season
What are your thoughts on your final season wrestling at UIndy?

“It is very bittersweet, because I’ve put a lot of work into this sport and didn’t end up where I want to be. Looking back on it, everything happens for a reason and you can either dwell on it or learn from it. I chose to learn from it.”

Angelo Robles

  • 141 Weight Class
  • 21-13 win-loss senior season
What’s the biggest thing you’ll miss about wrestling at UIndy?

“The atmosphere. The people. There’s no better group of coaches and administrators…. Everyone that’s on the staff makes this whole thing worth it and they’re the best people I know and best people I want to be around and I wouldn’t want to be around any other program.”


Jordan Cole

  • .395% field goal percentage
  • 68 defensive rebounds
  • 882 career minutes
What kind of impact did playing basketball at UIndy have on your college experience?

“It was very difficult. It was very time consuming. So it made school just that much harder. So I think that’s the biggest impact it had, but it helped me manage my time.”

Jesse Kempson

  • 397 career field goals made
  • .449 career field goal percentage
  • 528 total rebounds
  • 90 career blocks
What has led to your success at UIndy?

“They always make sure I’m in a rhythm early and often and they keep coming back to me whether I’m on or off and then we have a good trust between each other and just play off of each other and whoever is hot what ever night just take the ball.”

Alexa Bailey

  • Transferred from Bedford North Lawrence
  • 109 career field goal attempts
  • 107 total rebounds
  • 79 career assists
What are your thoughts on your final season at UIndy playing basketball?

“This is just my second year here at UIndy. First year was just kind of learning the program, learning the coaches, learning the players. This year I just felt very comfortable with everybody with the program, with the coaches and I’m really glad that I decided to come here.”

CJ Hardaway

  • Transferred from St. Joseph’s College
  • .356 career three point percentage
  • 108 career assists
  • .701 free throw percentage
What are your thoughts on your career as a whole?

“I wish I didn’t miss games because of injury. I think I have worked hard, extremely hard, here, since I have came here. I was taught a great work ethic from the seniors above me my freshman year and I want to carry that on to the young guys and the numbers show.”

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