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Walking up the 330 steps of the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument was truly an enlightening experience. Each step bore the name of a fallen soldier or sailor to commemorate his or her service. The climb up the steps reminded me that I need to get into shape, but the view in the observatory was definitely worth the effort. Being able to see almost all of Indianapolis at once is pretty cool. I am also certain that I was able to see the University of Indianapolis ARC from the top of the monument, which made the experience that much more fun. I recommend that anyone planning to go to the monument take the stairs. It made me appreciate the monument that much more. Considering the drive is about 10 minutes from campus and the activity is free, there really is no reason not to visit. Whether you are new to Indianapolis or have lived here your whole life, visiting the top of the monument is something everyone living in Indy should do.


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