The Struts: “YOUNG&DANGEROUS” Review

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At first glance, The Struts seem to be a typical 1980s rock band with their fringe jackets and shaggy hair. When listening to the newest album “YOUNG&DANGEROUS,”  however, it is clear that they are more of an alternative rock band. As a result of the guitar riffs that progress through the songs, listeners feel as if they are listening to the Rolling Stones back in their glory days. But unlike the Stones, The Struts include a splash of pop in their sound.

For example, the songs “Premadonna Baby” and “Body Talks” featuring pop singer Ke$ha are examples of The Struts including a fresh sound within the album. This also makes the music danceable.

Not only is the album a good one to bob your head to, but it also takes a look at today’s culture. For instance, the song “In Love with the Camera” is about a woman too obsessed with taking pictures of herself to spend time with the man who loves her.

Through the intense rock songs that made me want to head bang and the slower ballads that trigger a more emotional response, The Struts are really taking listeners back into the world of authentic rock n’ roll. The charisma of the band has definitely made me want to experience their energetic sound in concert. As a classical rock n’ roll fan who appreciates a bit of flare, The Struts’ “YOUNG&DANGEROUS” has reminded me that rock n’ roll really isn’t dead.

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