Saffron Café Review

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In Indianapolis, there are multiple hole-in-the-wall restaurants that few Indy residents seem to know about. One of these restaurants is Saffron Café, located on Fort Wayne Avenue in downtown Indianapolis. Since I am not familiar at all with Moroccan food, I took a few minutes to look over the menu. I started off with a cup of Kahwa, which is Moroccan coffee roasted with ground cinnamon. As a college student who lives off of coffee, I have tried many flavors, but Kahwa was one of my favorites.

For my meal, I decided to order the falafel sandwich plate. For those people who aren’t too sure of what falafel is, it is a deep fried ball or patty which is made from chickpeas and fava beans. The sandwich came on warm pita bread, with a side salad. When my food came out, it looked amazing, but I soon found out that I’m not the biggest fan of falafel. It has a texture and taste that I was not too fond of, but the side of spicy Harissa sauce and cucumber yogurt that my order came with made it much tastier.If I go again,I would definitely try a different dish without falafel. Despite this, I have to say that going to Saffron Café was a cool experience because of the Moroccan food.

Address: 621 Fort Wayne Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46204

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