Katy B: Little Red

Dance music has a bad reputation for being the backdrop for evenings of crazy antics. Rarely is it considered a viable form of musical expression. That is why it’s so rare and refreshing when an album like Katy B’s “Little Red” comes along. All of the tracks have the same seductive bass and club-ready vibes as standard dance music fare, but where Katy B differs is the emotion. Her lyrics guide you through an evening of dancing the night away, but you may be worse for the wear after hearing some of the biting verses that the bumping beats carry like a figurehead. Tracks like “Aaliyah” show a genuine relationship between Katy B and heartbreak. While other pop dance tracks simply imitate real human thought and emotion, Katy B’s songs show that she knows both all too well. However, it’s not all a dark journey. The album will surely get you ready for a night out on the town, or energize you to finish that class project. Do not get lost in the beats, though. This album is not just about the bass and the movement.

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