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climbtimeFor those who do not have mountains and boulders that they can readily climb, Climb Time Indy is a good
substitute. The facility has different walls that all have varying degrees of difficulty, from straight walls to walls that have 90 degree angles, leaving my arms feeling like wet spaghetti noodles.

I find it is best to go with a group of friends to get the most out of the
experience, being that Climb Time only has a few walls with auto-belays while the rest need to be operated by another person on the ground. While it is possible to climb the walls up to a point without a harness and rope, you can only go so far up the wall before getting told off by the staff.   Plus, going with a group of friends gave me a chance to rest while belaying them and provided some opportunities for competition. For instance, my roommate and I challenged each other to see who could make it up a specific wall faster.

One of my favorite parts about Climb Time Indy were the different obstacles sticking out of the walls. The obstacles each have varying tape colors underneath them, which correspond to a path that one of the more experience climbers has created. I tried to use the markers to challenge myself into finding the most difficult path up a given wall.
My friends also used these markers to play a
modified version of HORSE where we create a path that the next person then had to recreate without falling off.

Additionally, the staff  was very friendly and was more than willing to literally show us the ropes, teaching us the proper way to belay each other and how to repel down the wall. The pricing is not too bad either, it cost me $20 in total, which included equipment, shoe and hand
chalk rental. What’s also great is that our rental lasted all day, meaning that we were able to leave to grab some lunch before taking on the hardest walls. Overall, Climb Time Indy provided a great experience that I will definitely do again, even if it means
being sore for a few days following.

8750 Corporation Dr, 

Indianapolis, In 46256


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