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If you’ve ever felt like screaming at the TV out of frustration with the current political climate or felt the emotional roller coaster of all the problems relationships bring, “Wild World,” appropriately titled, may become your next anthem album. Love, politics, relationships and inner demons are some of the complex yet relatable topics Bastille develops in its much-anticipated sophomore album. This album experiments with electronic dance music pop and is primarily guitar-based, which contrasts with Bastille’s recognizable piano synth melodies. Lead singer and songwriter Dan Smith captures his audience with provoking lyrics and harmonies. Reminiscent of  Bastille’s first album, “Bad Blood,” this album introduces vintage movie samples into the songs, but it quickly becomes more distracting than enhancing. In my favorite track, “Warmth,” Smith cries out the desire we all have at times to escape from this “wild, wild world.” Although this album is initially impressive, it quickly becomes repetitive with songs such as “Power,” and the second half begins to blur together. But tracks such as “Fake It” and “Shame” bring listeners back with catchy hooks, breezy beats and heavy synths. Overall, I recommend this album to faithful Bastille fans and to new listeners looking for an album that expresses the complex feelings of the human condition.

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