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Topgolf is new to the Indianapolis area. Topgolf is one of the many new attractions in the area, with a new IKEA and Portillo’s recently opening nearby. Topgolf has similar characteristics to bowling. Instead of lanes, they have bays that host up to six people. On your first visit, you do have to pay $5 to get your membership card, but it is reusable, if you want to go back. Even in the winter, you can play because the bays are climate-controlled.

Instead of paying per person, you pay per bay and for how many hours you want to golf. Pricing starts at $25 in the beginning of the day, but during the evening, it can go up to $45 per hour. At each bay, there are clubs ready for you and all you have to do is simply put in your membership card and select what game you want to play.

They have nine different games, including Topgolf, TopPressure, TopShot, TopDrive, TopScore, TopContender, TopChip, TopScramble and TopPressure Advanced. Topgolf is the most popular among parties, but it can be fun to try all the other options. Their golf balls have microchips inside them, so that when you hit your ball the farthest and/or the most accurate, you earn the most points.

Topgolf does have a restaurant and bar with prices that range from $6 to $21 for people to eat and drink while they are playing. They also have a fire pit where you can lounge and eat and drink food from the restaurant. This would be fun for people to try, especially if they love to golf. It can get pricey so I would suggest going earlier in the day when prices are cheaper.

The only negative thing I have to say about Topgolf is that you can not make a reservation for a bay. It is “first come, first served” only. They do have a membership called Early Drive for three months and for six months where there are priority passes to the bays. That is an additional $300-$500. Topgolf has private event options for people who want to throw a party or even meetings with others.

9200 E 116th St

Fishers, IN 46037


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