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“The First Hostage,” written by Joel C. Rosenberg, is a fictional suspense-thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout the book. The setting is the Middle East, and it all seems so realistic. Rosenberg’s knowledge of this part of the world makes this book all-the-more intriguing and entertaining to read. J. B Collins, a foreign correspondent journalist for the New York Times, spends his time interviewing Jordanian royalty, Palestinians and even terrorists of the Islamic state. He puts himself through all of that stress and heartache for the chance to be the first to share the news and break it to the public. Just as things seem like they are about to calm down Rosenberg throws in another twist. That was one of the things I absolutely loved about this book. There was not a single moment when I wasn’t eagerly turning the pages for more. Without some real world problems and actual circumstances, difficulties throughout the book could be solved too simply. Collins assumed with as many important people following him, the story could be spread even faster than in the Times. Unfortunately, his editor would not be too happy with him, and he later found out that some of what he tweeted was meant to be kept confidential between him and the source. Because of that mistake, he lost contact to the outside world. This book never failed to keep me eagerly turning each page.

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