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I didn’t have high expectations for  Taylor Swift’s sixth studio album, “Reputation” after hearing her not-so-great single “Look What You Made Me Do.”  To say that my low expectations were met would be a flat-out lie. Taylor Swift seems to be taking on a new style that doesn’t quite seem to fit her, and quite frankly, her lyrics belong in a pre-teens bedroom. Even her song titles come off as childish, especially “This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things.”  If that is what she was going for, then she did a great job.

Her songs are not promising and seem to be the Dollar General version of pop music. For example, the intro to “… Ready for It?” sounds like a cheap, knock-off version of “The Hills” by The Weeknd.

“Dress” is the most sexually explicit song that Swift has ever made, with the lyrics, “I only bought this dress so you could take it off.” However, the lyrics “my baby is fit like a daydream” made me want to delete the song. If  Taylor wanted to reinvent herself into a bad girl who doesn’t take anything from anyone, she should’ve spent more time developing herself lyrically.

Nine songs into the album and you’ll find “Getaway Car,” the only bearable song on the album. This song sounds like it came straight from Swift’s previous album, “1989.” It has more of a chill vibe in the beginning, but by the end you’ll see why it belongs on this album. It turns into a pretentious pity-party from Swift, with lyrics like “We were jet-set, Bonnie and Clyde. Until I switched to the other side.” I feel as if Swift spends the entire album trying to piece herself together into something that she is not.

One quick listen to this album and I began to get the vibe that the entire point of the album was to throw shade at those who have done Swift wrong. I will admire her for her tenacity, but she executed it poorly from almost every angle.  As mentioned before, Swift’s lyrics are low-quality, which ultimately ruins the entire album. The album might grow on me, but for now it’s a solid no.



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