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escape-roomThe second the jail cell door slammed shut, I was flung into a world of hidden clues, secret doors and framed murder. Before my imprisonment, I was competing with a real estate developer to buy land from a local farmer, but since the farmer wanted to sell to me, the developer hired a hit man to murder the farmer and framed me for the crime. After being tossed in jail, I learned that there was a piece of evidence that proves my innocence hidden in the same jail where I was imprisoned. Thrown together with strangers, we had to work as a team to find the evidence and the key to escape the jail. The Escape Room gives you the choice of escaping not just a jail, but also rooms called “Bank Heist,” “Hoosier Hysteria,” “Art Gallery” and “KGB Interrogation.” Each room varies in difficulty of escape, but the time limit stays the same; you have one hour to escape with only three hints available to you. My team and I used all three of our hints and managed to escape with about 18 minutes remaining. The hints are given to you through a walkie-talkie or displayed on a screen, but if you need more than three, it will cost you. Everyone on my team was new to the experience of escaping a room, so it was pretty remarkable that we got out in time and from an intermediate-level room! An added bonus to this experience was how friendly the employees were. To me, The Escape Room sounded like it would be an intimidating place, but the employees were there to help you every step of the way. Although the $30 tickets were a bit pricey for a college student like me,the experience and rush of being able to escape are definitely worth the cost.


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